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At JCBarrier Group, LLC your success and growth as a business is our focus.

Your Dedicated Marketing Firm

At JCBarrier Group, LLC, we provide your business a comprehensive selection of services to choose from to suit your marketing needs. Working with you, our professionals get to know your company. To do this, we seek out input from your and your team to get to know what you define as success, what your company culture is like, what your company vision is, as well as a whole host of other facts. Getting to know your company helps us develop a unique marketing blueprint designed to help your business reach your targeted goals.  With this strategic marketing plan in place, we guide you through its implementation.  The end result ensures that your products, services, and ideas are marketed effectively and that the message is reaching your target audiences.

✔   Complete Marketing Strategy Development & Analysis

✔   Graphic Design: Email; Newsletter; Webpages

✔   Social Media Marketing: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter, etc., ad campaigns

✔   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

✔   Websites

✔   Branding & Brand Management

✔   Video Production Services

✔   Email

✔   Banner Ad Creation

✔   Reputation Management

✔   Press Releases

✔   Community Events

✔   Blogger & Media Relations

✔   Marketing Consulting

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