Government Affairs

Government AffairsIn Las Vegas, when you are looking for government affairs services, look no further than JCBarrier Group, LLC.

Government Affairs Services for the Las Vegas Valley

Navigating the political landscape can be a difficult task for your business or organization in Nevada.  Laws and jurisdictions can be confusing.  This is where JCBarrier Group, LLC comes in.  With our government affairs services, you have experience, insight, and knowledge available to help you navigate the political world in Nevada.  We are there to advocate on your behalf of our clients at the local and state level.  Sitting down with you and your team, JCBarrier Group, LLC works with you to analyze, craft, and execute an effective strategy to promote your initiative.  Working together, your voice can be heard in front of the proper elected officials that make the decisions and impact your business or organization.

Here is a sample of the services we offer:

  • Monitoring State & Local Government Developments
  • Analysis & Interpretation of Policy & Legislative Initiatives
  • Advocacy Before Government Committee Meetings & Gatherings
  • Organization of Advocacy Efforts
  • Development & Implementation of Communications Strategy
  • Public Relations Services
  • Community Outreach

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