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How Does Your Business Change the World?

The thought of how your business does something like change the world is an exciting process to ponder, right?  The work your business performs does change the world to some degree.  Doing something to change the world can mean many things. For example, it can mean that you are a nonprofit providing clean water to regions that lack basic necessities, or that you are developing a new cancer drug to save lives.  To another degree, the work your business does to change the world may simply be to provide happiness and recreation for people.  Whether you are saving lives or enriching lives with happiness, you are making a positive impact. Embrace it!

Knowing what your company does to bring about positive change is beneficial for your company and for those you serve.  It serves as a complement to your vision statement to keep your business moving in the right direction.  It can also provide motivation and stir passion in you and your employees for the work that you do.  However, when I say “change the world,” I do not mean it in an abstract way; I mean it in a more familiar context.

To Change the World Is To Be Successful In Business

In business, doing something to change the world means doing business the right way.  It means adopting a mindset that what you do as a business is not done only for the sake of monetary reasons.  Instead, it means adopting a mindset that you are making a positive impact in the lives of your customers.  This is where a different focus to running your business is adopted.  Income is dependent on the relationships you have cultivated with your customers to keep them coming back to you.  The only way to cultivate positive relationships is to develop trust with those customers. Trust is the key to experiencing rewarding and lasting relationships with quality individuals (who doesn’t naturally want that?).  Check out this interesting article I recently came across in Harvard Business Review titled, The Neuroscience of Trust.

Here are some ideas to consider if you want to develop a “change the world” business mindset:

Know The Scope of Your Business and Expand It to Change the World

Thinking about the analytical side of business, it’s highly important to understand both your target audience and the current market share.  These are the people that make up “the world” that you change.  These are the people that benefit from your company’s services and products.  Continue serving this target audience and you’ll do very well.  If you decide to expand and grow, you end up impacting more lives in the process with your products and services.

Regardless of the size of your market, put emphasis on getting to know your customers in some way or another. Trust is never given; always earned! There are people that have already established a vision to change the course of history and make a monumental impact. There’s nothing wrong with having over-the-top aspirations. Be yourself and never let someone bring you down. I grew up with an incredible father (who I credit my love for business and marketing from) and, for some reason, he would randomly say, “never judge a book by its cover.” You never know who you might be sitting next to at the airport, or standing next to in the grocery store line. I agree wholeheartedly.  Life is interesting, indeed. Never pass up an opportunity to know great people….and by this, YOU can change the world simply by your positive impact in society.

Positive Impacts Your Business Makes to Change the World

What does your business provide to your target market?  A product?  A service?  Whether you have a product or service that cures a disease or provides a recreational service, you are impacting someone’s life.  As a business, your focus on relationship building is tailored to the needs of your customers.  Don’t look at it as “I need to give them what they want or they won’t buy what I’m offering.”  Instead, adopt the mindset of “I have made a positive impact on them once before.  How can I continue making a positive impact?  How can I provide a better experience for them in the future?”  Wanting to change their lives rather than fearing your market share allows you to focus on what you need to do to keep those customers happy, all while trust continues to gain in strength.

Let Your Employees Know How They Change the World

The best way to empower your employees is to follow the vision of the company, lead by example, and enjoy the job.  With a mindset of your business making a positive impact, you can empower them with the knowledge that you are all changing the world and changing lives.  The focus is letting them know they are not coming to work to drudge away hours of their life and leave.  They are helping to make the world a better place in some way.  Let them know that their work matters and remind them of that fact.  They are changing the world, making a positive impact, and their work is greatly appreciated.

Change the World With Your New Developments

As you develop new products and services, be aware that your work is going to make some kind of impact on your customers.  For some of them, that impact may be minor.  For others, the impact may be tremendous.  If your business is genuinely motivated to pursue its passion and innovate and if your employees are motivated by that passion and a mindset to change the world, it will show through in the quality of the finished product and services you deliver.

Are You Ready to Be Successful In Business?

Whether you have a worldwide or local impact, or if the difference you make is considered big or small, consider approaching it with the mindset that you are changing the world.  Changing the world means adopting a mindset that is focused on building relationships with your customers and how you can continue to impact their lives and experiences with your products and services.  Focus on building the relationships and success is sure to follow.


Hopefully this blog entry has been helpful and has inspired you to think about how to do business in a different way.  Now ask yourself this question: How does my business change the world?


A Vision Statement: Why Your Business Needs One and Steps to Help You Create Your Own

The vision statement for my first business was for a day spa I started in my early 20’s in Everett, Washington. I had a simple vision: “To provide a wholly organic and holistic spa experience for my customers.” I love spas and I prefer using organic products. The only spa in Everett, at the time, was huge but didn’t use organic products. I was on my own for the first time in my life with some college classes under my belt, a love for business and marketing, and my vision. I decided to provide an alternative and opened my smaller, organic spa just down the street from that larger one.

Imagine starting your first business and hitting six-figures in sales in your first year of operation.

Then, by the second year, seeing an increase in sales…of 440%!

It begins with a vision.


What is a Vision Statement?

The vision statement is what you want to do as a business. It is what you will reference whenever you make a decision. “To provide a wholly organic and holistic spa experience for my customers” was a simple statement that guided me to great success. Another business with a simple statement and an incredible legacy of success is The Disney Company. Well known around the world, Disney sums up their vision in one short sentence: “To make people happy.” This simple sentence is paraphrased from something Walt Disney said when he stated he wanted “to make people, especially children, happy.” This was Walt Disney’s guiding light. Today, it is a simple four word statement that successfully guides a multi-billion dollar empire. This is the power that a clear vision statement can exercise. This is why I place such significance on businesses developing a strong vision statement.

Your Business Organized Around Your Vision Statement

Your vision statement is the North Star that your business revolves around. Regardless if you are a large or small company, there will be disagreements among your team about important decisions that need to be made. If you have a vision statement for your company, it can, at best, settle the disagreement and come to a resolution. At worst, it can help jettison the parts of the discussion that aren’t aligned with the vision and break down the problem to its basic parts. Any action or decision that takes your business away from the road that leads to realizing your vision is a course that needs to be abandoned. Meandering in too many directions spreads your company resources thin. Having a business organized around a clear vision statement helps minimize this obstacle to your business success.

Creating Your Vision Statement

While on the surface it seems simple, crafting a statement can become an ordeal for many companies. This is because they struggle by making it overly detailed and complex. In the end, they miss the point of what it is supposed to do in the first place: focus and inspire. In the years since I started and left my day spa, I have learned several characteristics that make for great vision statements.

Make It Focused

Keeping your statement focused is a key element to its effectiveness. Ideally, it should be one to two sentences long and communicate only the information needed. Your statement should not meander. Its purpose is to quickly communicate what direction you and your team need to keep moving in.

Make It Inspiring and Ambitious

A vision statement like “We will make $1 million in our first year of operation” may seem motivating and ambitious, but think about that statement. One million dollars is a large sum of money. However, two-million dollars is an even greater amount of money. There isn’t much inspiration in a statement like that when there is something even bigger to aspire to. It is easier to remember Disney’s vision: “To make people happy.” It’s both inspiring and ambitious.

The inspiration in Disney’s statement comes from the idea of “making people happy.” Who doesn’t want to do things that make people happy? Those kinds of activities usually entail doing something fun and joining in. Being able to do something that creates happiness in oneself and in others is inspiring: it makes you want to continue doing that kind of work.

The ambition in Disney’s statement comes from its generalized audience. It does not point to specific “people.” It doesn’t specify the exact vehicle to use for making people happy such as the Disneyland Park in California or the movies or toys it releases. Disney is ambitious because the implication is they are endeavoring to make all people happy.

Related to ambition, a degree of impossibility has to be present in your statement. This is not meant to be hopeless. On the contrary, this aspect of the “impossible” should be something that you and your employees should continue to reach for. Put another way, your vision statement is something that should keep you motivated to keep going.

Keep It Succinct

The final characteristic of your statement is that it should be easily remembered. “To make people happy,” is four words long, but is memorable and carries a great amount of weight. Make it short and memorable. At the same time, preserve the ambition and inspiration behind the statement. This will make it easier for the statement to guide you and your team when looking for direction.

Final Thoughts on the Vision Statement

The vision statement is for you and your company to look at when you want to stay on point. Whether you are a new entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or someone in between, you have your own idea of what inspires you and what your ambitions for your business are. You possess the elements to create a statement that can greatly benefit your business.

I will close with this thought: A mission without a vision statement is dead, regardless of the size and scope of your firm. A simple vision statement has guided the direction of a multi-billion dollar enterprise like Disney for decades. If that is too big of a scope, go back to my story about my day spa:

A simple vision statement guided me as a young entrepreneur.
I used that to take on a business larger than my own.
It was instrumental in helping me achieve that initial 440% increase in sales.

Having a vision statement works.

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